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  • Soap makes great lather.

  • Treated water leaves your skin feeling smoother after showering, shaving and washing.

  • Hair is softer and more manageable.

  • Reduces soap scum and residue buildup on showers, tubs and sinks.

  • Save time by reducing scrubbing in the bathroom; save money by reducing soap, shampoo and bathroom cleaner usage by nearly 50%.





Reverse osmosis the bathroom

  • Purer, better tasting filtered drinking water at your tap eliminates buying expensive bottled water from the store or having it delivered to your home.

  • Quality water improves the taste of juice, coffee and soup.

  • Ice cubes are clearer and harder.

  • Dishes and china sparkle, using less dish soap.

  • Clean coffee maker with no scale or buildup.

  • Save time and energy scrubbing the kitchen sink, cutting boards and countertops.



Water systems the kitchen

  • Increases water heater efficiency by almost 30%, and extends the water heater life by many years.

  • Improves water flow and pressure by eliminating calcium buildup in pipes.

  • Reduces mineral buildup on faucets and plumbing fixtures.

  • Clothes and linens are cleaner, brighter, softer and last longer.

  • Adds life to dishwashers and washing machines.

  • Cuts down on laundry detergent and fabric softener use by 50% - a real money-saver.



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