Drinking Water Systems

Reverse osmosis systems can dissolve all of the inorganic solids in your water, such as salts. The solids that are present in your water can be extremely harmful to you and they’re difficult to remove without the right system. Our reverse osmosis systems can remove up to 99% of the inorganic solids in your water.

What to Expect

Our quality water systems are designed to provide your home with better-tasting, purer drinking water, while also removing the many undesirable elements that may be present in hard water, including iron, calcium, sediment and rust. Quality water systems consist of two primary components. These components are the water treatment system and the drinking water filtration system. These two systems in your home will not only improve your water, they will also improve your way of life!

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Nelsen Water Treatment Solutions

Designed to solve a wide variety of water quality issues, Nelsen reverse-osmosis drinking water systems provide you with compact, affordable, and effective solutions for achieving the best possible quality drinking water for yhour home. An innovative leader in water treatment since 1954, Nelsen assures you the highest quality and reliability in the industry. Nelsen Water Treatment Systems re sold, installed, and serviced by Aqua Pure Technology, Inc. 


Vertex Pure Water Machine

Vertex Pure Water Machine is a tested and certified reverse osmosis water filtration system. It makes great-tasting water from your tap, takes out chlorine test & odors, dirt, and sediment; and protects your family against unwanted contaminants. Our Pure Water Machine completely cleans the water you use for drinking, cooking, washing produce, clear ice, pets, and house plants!



Nelsen AIO Filter System

The Nelsen AIO Filter, when properly applied, is an efficient and cost-effective system for the removal of Iron and Sulphur odors. The Nelsen AIO maintains a compressed air pocket in the top of the tank while the system is in service. As the water passes through the air pocket, iron and sulphur are oxidized. Additionally, dissolved oxygen is added to the water. The Nelson AIO filter media bed then removes the iron and sulphur from the water. 


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